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But i totally agree on the lack of testers. They didnt even let me touch the Sephora Kabuki as they have any testers :.

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I can totally feel you. It is all a fad. I think most stores in India have to stop training their sales people to act like store monitors and to be accomodating ofa the customer.

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What, like are we going to steal the product by clicking a picture of it? Like eyeliner is going to ooze out through a photograph? This is sad! And I agree, SAs in India really scare me, they seem to follow me everywhere spoling my shopping experience :O. But beautiful photos : Those ducks looks adorable :D What are they??? My first visit to the store was good because I wanted Sephora in my city and wanted to feel what other bloggers and vloggers already experienced. But I must say that it was not up to the par but I was happy to visit the store.

I hate it when sales assistant follows you, that makes me want to leave the shop and go even if I was buying something. This one makes me weep. Unfortunately, SA mentality is why I mostly buy online and not in stores. They just spoil the whole experience. That bad huh?

The last time I went to Sephora I had the same experience…and its not just the testers even the actual products have dried out…I had look for a bottle of lip cream that was not dry.

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They forgot to take security tags out of the products for the girl that was infront of me in the line and obviously there was a beep when she tried to leave…I told them to ensure that they tags were taken out and guess what it beeped again when I tried to leave…. Hi you are abs right, even here in Mumbai someone needs to pull up these girls…abs revolting behaviour!! I live in Bangalore and was really hoping that a sephora opens up real soon here. I live in Australia and all the cosmetics brands from Chanel to Mac to Body shop is heavily taxed :. But the quality is awesome not to mention the awesome shopping experience.

In Mumbai Mac stores used to be good but i dont know what sort of product is being sold. I still love MAC. Its the same with Body shop and Bobbi brown…the sales people are just not trained enough and dont have any clue what customer service is. Their products are amazing and the way they package, it makes u feel special. Its not only with cosmetics but with clothes as well. We have Zara and Mango here and when they have sales they are still more organised than Mumbai stores without a sale sales in Zara store Mumbai is like a fish market!

I went there searching for a blending brush and twoof them tried convincing me that a eye shadow brush was the same as a blending brush. After i dejected that lousy offer, i saw majority of the salesgirls gossiping in the corner. Bobby brown and mac had excellent service.

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I purchased a lipstick of brand Sephora from Sephora Delhi India. It started to loose shape and melt from day 1. I went for an exchange the Assistant store manager said that since all the lipsticks of that type have an issue we cannot exchange it for the same piece. Now I was asked to buy another lipstick.

I went to NYC counter where I picked 10 lipsticks but they were only a display sample. There was not one shade that was available. When I asked as to why have you displayed testers when you do not have one single product to sell. Then I left a complaint on the feedback form and asked that when will I get a revert.

It has been three days now and I have not got a single call. I guess after harrowing someone so much they at least deserve one call to explain their side. Not to mention that their counter looks so delectable at Sephora. So having put our collective wisdom to test for VNA readers, this is what we vouch for! Pick one […]. I am amused at the Ducklings.. I am originally from Mumbai and I hope a Sephora opens there soon.

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This is such a shame.. I hate rude shadowing staff who do not help but mess up your shopping spirit.

OMG, I totally agree. Chill out. C owned retail stores, diversifying the business geographically by expanding into the U.

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