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You have the following choices regarding how we and third parties use certain information collected from or about you. You may contact us with questions and comments regarding this policy via our contact page. Support Articles. Using Hardware-Accelerated Streaming Tip! Should I use Hardware-Accelerated Streaming? Hardware-Accelerated Streaming has a number of advantages: More videos can often stream at the same time. Videos can start streaming faster and buffer less often.

By offloading CPU-intensive transcoding tasks to dedicated hardware, video streaming has less of a performance impact on your computer. There are some drawbacks to Hardware-Accelerated Streaming: The video quality may be lower, appearing more blurry or blocky. This is especially true and more noticeable when streaming at resolutions below p or lower bit rate source material.

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Hardware-accelerated video encoders are faster, but lower quality than software encoders. Earlier generations of hardware typically have lower-quality output than newer generations. Some rare video formats may play incorrectly on certain devices. This is unexpected, and users should report these issues to Plex in our friendly forums.

Getting started 1. The following are required in general for Hardware-Accelerated Streaming, regardless of your operating system: A recent Intel CPU meeting these requirements: Look up your processor Plex Media Server 1. Other distributions may be capable, but are not officially supported.


Open the Plex Web app. Turn on Show Advanced in the upper-right corner to expose advanced settings. Turn on Use hardware acceleration when available. Click Save Changes at the bottom.

You do not need to restart Plex Media Server after saving the changes. Update to the latest Plex Media Server 1.

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To check to see if hardware acceleration is being used during a video playback: Play a video on any Plex app. In the quality settings of the Plex player app, reduce the video quality to force Plex Media Server to convert the video for example, select Convert to p. Open the Plex Web App.

Should I use Hardware-Accelerated Streaming?

In the Plex Web App, click on the Activity icon in the upper-right corner. Switch to the Now Playing tab of the Activity page. Move the mouse on top of the video being played.

  1. NVIDIA CUDA requires CUDA 9.2 drivers;
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  3. Enable Accelerated 3D Graphics;
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Additional details should appear. When hardware acceleration is being used, you should see hw next to the Video format as shown above. The first hw indicates that hardware-accelerated video decoding is being used. Only certain video formats are supported for this. The second hw indicates that hardware-accelerated video encoding is being used. Depending on the video file and the server hardware, hardware acceleration can be used for decoding, encoding, or both.

Can I use Hardware-Accelerated Streaming inside of a virtual machine? Compatible formats and limitations When possible, Plex Media Server uses hardware acceleration for both decoding and encoding. Hardware-accelerated decoding Video files with H. Intel Quick Sync is required for hardware-accelerated decoding. Some devices have additional limitations on hardware-accelerated video decoding.

For example, limiting to a certain resolution p or 4K , limiting frame rate, limiting video profile, or limiting chroma subsampling. Hardware-accelerated encoding Plex Media Server uses hardware-accelerated H. Windows and Linux devices using Intel hardware-accelerated encoding do not have any artificial limit to the number of simultaneous videos.

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This is a platform limitation from Apple. Lower resolutions will use normal software encoding. Some devices have additional limitations on hardware-accelerated video encoding. For example, limiting to a certain range of resolutions or limiting frame rate.

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  • Tech specs To provide reliable Hardware-Accelerated Streaming across a variety of hardware and platforms, Plex Media Server supports several different hardware acceleration engines. The optimal video engine is selected by Plex Media Server in the order of priority shown in the table below. Plex supports automatic fallback from hardware to software. If the hardware video engine fails to decode or encode a video, Plex will seamlessly switch to using software without causing an error. Share this. Was this article helpful?

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