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If only photographers could get a little better processor in the lowest option that would really be a good computer for those with smaller budgets. Yep, here we are right back to talking about the processor again. With the middle Both are pretty good choices that will meet the demands of photo processing software. With the highest tier Core i5 in this highest option vs the Core i3 in the middle option, the Core i5 should be better right? Better than the Core i5 processor in the lowest configuration, but there is a better choice.

The best performance for photographers is going to be that Core i7 processor.

Mac vs PC: Which One Is Better for Photo Editing?

With the middle option of 2. With the highest tier of the If the processor is exactly the same, why does the higher tier Here is another reason the middle tier of the The same memory is available between both the middle and highest option. Both start with 8GB and both can be upgraded to have 32GB. The costs are even identical to upgrade either the middle or highest option. Great, so how much memory should a photographer buy?

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As much as they can afford of course! If you are going to be running Lightroom and Photoshop and a browser with lots of tabs open at the same time, you will be much happier with 16GB or 32GB of memory over 8GB. Will 8GB work for photographers?

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Just be ready to see some beachballs the icon macOS shows you when it is not keeping up with you. The place it will struggle a little would be more demanding photo editing like panorama and HDR merging or compositing. If you can afford it, it would be worth it to go to 32GB.

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I wish there was an option to buy the 8GB of memory from Apple and then upgrade it yourself later. Unfortunately, Apple decided back in that with the There are kits and instructions to do it even though Apple has gone to great lengths to not allow it, but it is a process iFixit says moderately difficult and potentially dangerous. Graphics currently does very little to effect performance of either Lightroom or Photoshop.

That changes entirely if you are planning to do video editing with this computer. In the middle tier Boot times and program load times will be significantly faster with this option over the less expensive choices and this is an absolute no-brainer for a photographer.

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Apple still has two more options for storage in the That extra storage is really nice for a photographer to have. Not because it is a terrible option or that you would be entirely wasting your money doing that upgrade. If it is in your budget you will be really happy to have the extra space like you are if you can upgrade from coach to first class.

Apple MacBook Pro 15in vs Dell XPS 15: Design and appearance

You see, even 1TB of storage is really not that much for a photographer. Especially if you shoot a modern full frame camera, that 1TB drive will get used up very quickly. The reality for photographers is that you are going to need to add external storage to your iMac no matter which of these options you choose.

Also, an important note here, please make sure you implement some kind of a backup solution. Check out these podcast episodes for more information on backup:. While the The I highly recommend adding that second screen to go with this model because Yes, that is quite a bit of money, probably as much or maybe more than you spent on your camera, but this will get the job done beautifully for the next years. There are quite a few differences between the The first is pretty obvious — the size of the screen.

But I am very confident that most photographers will be far happier with a physically large screen and the cost makes sense. The second difference between the While with the advice above about how a photographer should configure a As was the case with the This is a good thing, it means there is one less option photographers have to choose from. The 3.

Which is better to use Photoshop on, Mac vs PC? | Adobe Community

It will work, you can run Lightroom and Photoshop but if you are going to be making an investment in a computer for photo editing I think you are far better off making a little more investment and having a computer that will make you productive for a little bit longer. Again, I am only comparing the single threaded performance here because that is what matters most to both Lightroom and Photoshop.

Before leaving the processor recommendation, unlike my recommendation to go with the middle tier in the More information below. Now the question I am sure you are wondering about. What is the performance difference between the Core i7 in the You have choices of 8, 16, 32, and 64GB of memory in the middle and upper tier. The costs for each is exactly the same between the two, so your choice should be made based on the budget you have. After the processor, the amount of memory is the next most important factor for how well your computer will run Lightroom and Photoshop and all of the other programs you want to have up at the same time.

The more memory you can get in that computer the better. Again, Apple has chosen to make the memory something you can upgrade yourself, so whatever you buy now is what you are going to have for the lifetime of this computer. Check out the next section for a way you can get the memory and save some money. If you need a smaller budget computer then I recommend you go with the I noted above that the Apple has decided to not make the memory user upgradeable in the It is frustrating to me because if it was user upgradeable that would make that model even more compelling for those low on budget.

There are a few guides that show you how to do it, but it is really pretty simple. You can upgrade the memory yourself for far less than what Apple charges without any sacrifice in performance or reliability. While it is possible to get the memory from any vendor, I recommend OWC as the memory will be tested specifically for working with your new iMac. I love it.

OWC also offers two different 64GB kits. Now here is where it gets crazy. I think this is overkill for photographers here in , but if you have the budget why not right? Specialty operations such as Liquify and other GPU-intensive tasks are just that—specialty, and are not included in this suite. The diglloyd Medium benchmark uses a mix of the core Photoshop operations with a moderately larger file size that exceeds what most users are likely to use, taking about 15GB of memory usage in Photoshop.

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This puts it right on the edge of what a Mac with 16GB of memory can manage. The diglloyd Large Photoshop benchmark uses a mix of the core Photoshop operations with a large file size that exceeds what most users are likely to use, using about 30GB of memory in Photoshop. The diglloyd Huge benchmark uses a mix of the core Photoshop operations with a file size that requires about 56GB of memory usage in Photoshop, far beyond what most users are likely to encounter.

Repeated tests all show a consistently high superiority for the Mac mini. Display info:! Display Res Unknown. Thank you for purchasing through links and ads on this site. Upgrade the memory of your iMac up to GB. Handpicked deals