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This bluetooth keyboard is exactly what I was looking for to use with my iPad. I like the light weight of the iPad 9. I am currently writing this review using this keyboard and I have to note that I can't type as quickly as on a normal keyboard because the keys don't respond that quickly, but they do respond well and there is the "key pressed" feeling which is nice.

Setup with this keyboard was extremely easy.

Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad:

The included manual takes you through each step and I had no trouble pairing the keyboard to my iPad. List Price: You Save: The power switch does not inspire confidence but it works well. I really wish there were some way to turn off the right mouse button or remap it on android.

It really sucks that it maps to the Back key. All mice have this problem on android. Would also be cool if it acted as a regular USB keyboard. This is actually a rebranded product, not that it matters. The PCB has Seenda.

I assume they are the original manufacturer but they might just be the company that ordered the most of them. This is why you will see a dozen different versions of this exact same keyboard. My advice: Buy the cheapest, they are all the same. There is ample space within the case of the keyboard to insert an RFID that you can program to enable bluetooth and connect the phone to the keyboard. Don't put the RFID Let's get some things out of the way, shall we? Nothing is needed to be purchased in addition to get this remote to function with a FireTV Stick via Bluetooth. Like others state, it does kind of feel cheap.

Just with any other device, but yes, more so with this I wouldn't be surprised if it broke if you dropped it 2 feet onto a pillow top mattress ok, may just be a slight exaggeration, but demonstrates how cheap this feels. That being said, I wouldn't bad mouth it if it did break from dropping.

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It's plastic. Plastic breaks when it falls from certain heights and hits hard surfaces. Still don't understand how this comes Currently unavailable. I love everything about this keyboard. Great tactile feel.

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Low profile. Integrated touchpad works flawlessly. I had a minor installation issue. My fault, but tech support was very good at shepherding me onward. A month or so after purchase, I experienced a failure with the keyboard. Connecting to my Windows 10 notebook became impossible but I was able to install and successfully use the keyboard on two other Windows 10 machines, so the keyboard was not the problem, it was WIndows Zoweetek faithfully tried to help solving the problem even though it was clear to that it was a Wintel issue.

Eventually Dell service intervened and beat the Bluetooth drivers into behaving properly.

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Thanks for sticking with me Zoweetek! See All Buying Options. I have had this product for at least 2 weeks and have enjoyed every minute owning it. The bluetooth was easy to connect to my Android box. Works from about 20 feet from the device it's connecting to. Would definately purchase again.

Only 6 left in stock - order soon. After a doing a decent amount on online research for a bluetooth keyboard for my Kindle Fire HDX, I came across this one and figured I would give it a try. I was intrigued by the option of the backlit keys and the overall dimensions seemed to be a perfect fit.

Once it arrived, I couldn't have been more surprised! The size of the keyboard is just right and the backlit keys are in fact a great option. The initial set up and pairing of the keyboard with my Kindle Fire was seamless and took a matter of seconds. The overall design and feel of the keyboard is great. The keys are very responsive and don't feel loose or weak at all. They are well spaced out and I have no issues at all having big hands. I am very pleased with the overall design and functionality as a Get one!! I ordered this today, received it today and am using today!!!

And I keep buying a new one everytime I lose one. Never again!! What's unique about this keyboard is that it comes with a left and right click function so you really don't need to connect or carry around a mouse. It's foldable and fits in my purse. Please email us if you're running the latest version of your browser and you still see this message. Related Searches: Some technologies allow the site to function.

Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad

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