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Here’s how to zoom in on a Mac, no matter what app you’re using

You can choose to have the entire display show the zoomed area, or frame the zoomed area in a rectangle or along the side of the screen. There are lots of customization options such how to trigger and adjust the zoom area andhow it follows the cursor.

You can change the keyboard shortcuts and other features too. Maria Rosseeuw. Tony Lurie.

Ian MacGregor. Gene Bechen. Lynda Farabee. Enable either of the following options: To zoom with keyboard shortcuts, select "Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom.

Un-zoom via a keyboard shortcut - Mac OS X Hints

You can display the magnified content in a window near the mouse cursor by selecting the Picture-in-picture option. You also can display it on the entire screen by selecting Fullscreen.

I prefer the first PIP option as that allows you to zoom in on a small section while still viewing the entire screen. To set options for zoom or the zoom window, click More Options as described on Apple's support site to change magnification, window position and other settings. Using Zoom in OS X Depending on how you configured the Zoom options, you can either use the keyboard shortcuts or the trackpad to zoom.

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Screen Zooming

Nintendo says there is no Switch exchange program. To zoom out: Drag your fingers toward each other, similar to a pinching motion, then remove your fingers from the trackpad when you're happy with the level of zoom. Macs come with a bevy of shortcuts and procedures for accomplishing various tasks.

Mac OS X Accessibility - Magnifier

The key is familiarizing yourself with them and then consistently using them. Direkt in den deutschen Mittelstand investieren und feste Zinsen erhalten. Der Artikel wurde versandt. How to zoom in and out on any Mac computer, using a keyboard or trackpad. Devon Delfino , Business Insider. AP Making the switch from a PC to a Mac can feel inconvenient at times — even simple functions like zooming in and out have to be relearned, but once they are, they're easy to use.

Mac tip: How to zoom the entire display

Your Apple keyboard has standard shortcuts programmed into it for zooming in and out. Those with a Mac trackpad can also use finger gestures to zoom in or out. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

Zoom appearance options